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Web Design is so much more than simply a website online.

Did you know?

Over 26% or 156 Million websites online are made with wordpress.

Our Process for your Success

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different and focus on the Customer, Content, our Goals and Design.

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Process No. 1

Solid Design For Business

Web design is not just build a website and they will come; it is so much more than that. Building a wordpress website that is optimized to your SEO needs and presents your brand the way you desire is what we do well. Our first step is a free consultation so learn some core information about your business, customers, competition, goals and web design preferences. This is to see if what we do is what you need.

Process No. 2

With looks to kill competition

Once the core of the formalities are in place ie. contract and agreement, images, content, we get started on selecting a theme for your new website. We research and present a few theme options and you choose the one you like. Then we get started on building your core pages and present a few samples before we finish the rest. This process is the longest but most rewarding because you actually get to experience what your final website will look like.

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web design-finished
Process No. 3

The choice is all up to you

After we have designed your website and you have given the final approval, we do all of the necessary services to launch your new amazing website. We then test and trouble shoot to make sure it is all perfect and you get a choice as to what to do next. We offer training so you can maintain your own website or we can do that for you. It’s all up to you and your new website.

We can do a lot of things

Your Website Redesign

Upgrading your website is not a hard thing but it does take a few steps and requires answering the right questions. Many upgrades can be done within one week permitting everything needed it available and your website has less than 10 pages. Remember we build on WordPress so that is required.

Ecommerce – Selling Online

Setting up an Ecommerce website or extension to your website is a sure way to market and get your product out to your customers from the comfort of their own homes. In our web design we use a WordPress plugin called Woocommerce that gives you the functionality of an online store and the tracking of those sales to make the right decisions on what to stop and what to sell more of.

Search Engine Optimization

Oh the infamous term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Well all of that hype is actually based around some really important principles and techniques. SEO is not simply a fad, it became a thing once search engines became the main way your customers searched online. We know that SEO takes a long time but can pay off in many different ways for your business. We know the in's and out's to give you that edge on your online competition.

Google Analytics

Any web designer knows that google analytics is important but do you know that as a business who has an online presence? Google analytics is a free service from Google that allows you to track very important data about your website - specifically about where your customers are going, doing, spending time and a whole bunch more on your website. If your spending money on ad campaigns, you can see if your actually gaining traction or wasting your time. This set of free insights is something we specialize in.